Red Ball 4

Red Ball 4 is yet another engrossing game from the Red Ball series. In this game, the evil minions want to squeeze the planet and turn it into square shape. They are trying to transform all round shaped balls by turning them into square shapes. With such a lot of chaos everywhere, will the Red Ball be able to save the round shaped balls? Check it out!

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You can control the movement of the ball by using the arrow keys. The Up and Down arrow keys are for making the ball jump Up and Down respectively. The Left and Right arrow keys are for moving the ball in the Left and Right direction. For jumping on an obstacle and moving forward, you need to use the up and right key. Depending on your choice, you can even make use of the WASD keys.

There are 15 levels in the game and each level is trickier than the previous one. Once you complete a level, you can reach the next level of the game. However, you need to collect all stars and reach your goal in order to complete a level.

>> Play Red Ball 4 <<


The game consists of several achievements that are locked. These will get unlocked as you keep progressing in the game. Some of these achievements are mentioned below:

  • The Bronze Cup will let you get 5 Bronze Medals + 1000 points.
  • The Silver Cup will let you get 10 Silver Medals + 2000 points.
  • With the Gold Cup you will get 15 Gold Medals + 3000 points.
  • The Diamond Cup will let you collect all achievements + 5000 points.
  • The Blow achievement will kill both enemy boxes with the big stone on Level 12.
  • The Clever Player achievement will let you pass the logic puzzle on the beginning of Level 13.
  • You can kill the boss enemy on Level 15 by procuring the Boss Loss achievement.
  • The Scuba Ball achievement will let you drown 5 times on a single level.
  • You can fall of an edge 5 times on a single level by obtaining the Hold On achievement.

Completing all levels of the game won’t be easy. It is a physics-based game, so you need to be very careful while solving the puzzles involved in each level. There is a seamless transition from one level to another and the checkpoint of each level is the red flag.

Depending on your performance in each level, you will receive a bronze, silver, or gold medal. Moreover, for receiving these medals, you need to collect all the stars that are scattered around in the game. The game is not a timer based one, so you can take your time to plan different ways for solving the tricky levels.

You will also come across some bonus levels that will make the entire game all the more interesting. The game can be enjoyed by all age groups. So, if you are looking for a cute and engrossing online game then start playing the Red Ball 4 game immediately.