Red Ball 6


Red Ball 6 is the sixth installment of the Red Ball game series. It is one of the most popular browser games played online. Though the game is ideal for kids but the addictive gameplay makes it hard to resist for gamers of all age group. The story begins when the Red Ball comes to know about an evil black square whose aim is to turn all round balls into square. In this game, the Red Ball tries to stop the madness of evil Black Square by fighting him against all odds. The game is based on a simple mechanism where you need to redirect the Red Ball to the check point to clear each level.

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Below mentioned are some important requirements to run the game:

  • The game features very low graphics, which means that you can play the game on the oldest as well as the latest computers.
  • It is compatible with all browsers inclusive of Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, etc.
  • It requires a flash player to run the game, which is usually present in most of the browsers or can be downloaded free of cost from various online sources.
  • There are no operating system requirements in order to play the game, and it will run perfectly on all operating systems be it Windows, Linux or iOS.

>> Play Red Ball 6 <<


The controls are extremely easy and user friendly. Even the casual gamers can play the game without any difficulty. Listed below is the control layout of the game:

  • The controls are keyboard based, which means that you can control all the action in the game with the help of the keyboard.
  • Movement can be controlled by using WASD or Arrow keys. ‘W’ or Up key is for Jump, ‘A’ or Left key is to move Left and ‘D’ or Right key is to move Right.
  • Double jump can be performed by pressing ‘W’ or Up key twice in the mid air.
  • Big Jump can be performed by running in one direction and then pressing the jump button.

Here are some of the important attributes of the game:

  • The game consists of 15 engrossing levels, which will keep you captivated to the screens.
  • It also includes the epic boss battles where you have to beat up the giant Black Square in order to sabotage his evil plan.
  • Red hearts shows your health meter, which is depleted if collided with enemies.
  • Stars needs to the collected in each level in order to boost up your score in the game.
  • You will come across varied varieties of obstacles and enemies, which need to be tacked carefully in order to level up in the game.
  • The Options Menu allows you to turn off or on the music and sound as per your preferences.
  • Level selector mode can be used to play levels, which are already cleared so that you can enhance your score in the successive times.

The Red Ball 6 is a must try for all arcade game lovers as you are sure to enjoy it.