Red Ball 5

Red Ball 5 is a cute browser-based ball bounce game from the makers of Red Ball series. The game is based on a Red Ball that has to cross various hurdles in order to complete the game. The objective of the game is to complete each level by carefully averting the obstacles and reaching the goal. The game has absolutely minimal graphics, which means it can be played on any system or laptop as long as the browser is equipped with an updated version of flash player.

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The controls are very user friendly; all the controls of the game are based on WASD or Arrow keys. You can move around by using the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys for Right and Left respectively, whereas Jump can be performed by pressing the ‘W’ key. Some rewards cannot be reached by using the single jump so a double jump can be performed by pressing ‘W’ key twice.

The game is extremely simple but you can still use the below-mentioned preferences in order to improvise your game play:

  • Music: The game features cute background music, which is extremely enchanting for little ones but can be annoying to adults. So, you can toggle ON or OFF the music to suit your requirements.
  • Sound: The sound effects such as jump sound, interact sound, dead sound, injured sound , etc. can be shut ON or OFF as per user preferences.
  • Level: You can play the cleared level anytime you want by independently selecting the preferred level. This can be done to improvise your game play in the easier levels in order to be prepared for the tougher levels.

>> Play Red Ball 5 <<


Below mentioned are some of the important features of the game:

  • The game features 30 levels where each level is different than the other as well as more difficult than the previous one.
  • You will encounter different types of enemies in the quest. Each enemy has unique abilities such as flight, crawling, speed, etc.
  • You need to collect certain amount of stars in each level in order to clear the level. To improve your score you need to acquire all possible stars.
  • Heart meter shows the health points of your game avatar. You will lose your health points during collision with obstacles or enemies.
  • Each level needs to be completed within a specified time limit in order to gain additional points.
  • The game also features lots of obstacles, which need to be tackled to level up in the game. These obstacles include vanishing clouds, springs, levers, and spikes.

The game is super fun but you can increase the amount of fun by using the listed tips and tricks:

  • Some enemies can be killed by carefully jumping on them. However, be careful as the jump needs to be timed properly or else you will end up losing health.
  • Do not try to kill enemies that have thorns all over their bodies as they cannot be killed and every time you try to kill them you will lose health points.

The Red Ball 5 is a fantastic online game for all age groups, and if you don’t believe; then try playing it yourself!